Bank account and bad credit.

Having a good credit is the dream of many and the reason is that having a good credit means having access to loans and any service you may need. In this post you will be finding out if despite this you need a good credit included to open a bank account. If you have a […]

How to update negative information on your credit report.

When it comes to credit misunderstandings, late payments and updating your credit report, it’s not just a one or two person issue. There are many users who deal with this issue and more and more of them are desperately looking for a solution to update or correct negative information on their credit report. It happens […]

Credit utilization fee

First, you need to know what a credit utilization fee is. It is nothing more than a fee that may be charged on a secured loan or a fee that may be charged on a revolving line of credit when usage is above or below a certain amount. The borrower is usually obligated to pay […]

Bad credit history?

An unfavorable credit history is when credit card or loan payments are missed and recorded on your credit report. Your unfavorable credit history can also lead to bankruptcy. If you have an unfavorable credit history, this may indicate to lenders or companies that you are not responsible or have poor creditworthiness and should not be […]

What are credit score ranges?

Learn that a credit score is a three-digit number, usually on a scale of 300 to 850, that estimates how likely you are to repay borrowed money and pay bills. See below for more detailed information. Credit scores are calculated from information in your credit accounts. That data is compiled by credit reporting agencies. The […]

How long will it take to build my credit?

When we talk about building credit, the wait can be really desperate, because we want to see results as soon as possible and having an affected credit or no credit at all, does not open many doors, at least, none that is of high benefits for you. Since to obtain any type of loan or […]

Joint account holder

Some credit card issuers may give you the option of opening a joint credit card. The key difference between being an authorized user and being a joint account holder is that you have more liability as a joint account holder than the authorized user himself. With a joint account, you are legally responsible for paying […]

No credit? Become an authorized user

Becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit card account is one of the best strategies for improving credit quickly. But, the best way for it to work and which is recommended is for the primary user’s card to have a good history of on-time payments and a high credit limit. If you are one […]

Benefits of being and adding someone as an authorized user

CPN Tradeline Packages

You may have read about authorized users before and possibly endless information about it, but you’ve probably come up short and haven’t fully discovered the benefits of not only being an authorized user, but also adding someone as one. Before we go any deeper, know that an authorized user is a person who has been […]

Credit Scoring

Credit scoring or credit rating is the analysis of an individual’s credit history, used to determine a person’s credit worthiness. Businesses use credit scoring models to make lending and pricing decisions, market to new customers, maintain existing accounts, and even predict cash flow and revenue. Credit scoring plays a role in whether you qualify for […]

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