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Authorized User tradelines

Authorized User Tradelines

Tradelines are lines of credit reporting on your credit report, your credit card, home loan, auto loan, student loans etc. etc. are all considered credit tradelines. This is how it works, we add (AU) Authorized User Tradelines to your credit report to increase the credit score, add credit stability, decrease debt to ratio and most importantly to make you creditworthy. The way we accomplish this is by adding you to a credit card with a determined amount of age and limit as an Authorized User. This process is also known as “credit piggybacking”.AU Tradelines report as “open accounts” for a period of 30, after that period they will eventually report as “closed accounts” but will remain on your report and help maintain the credit score. We guarantee all lines to post as “open accounts” for a period 30 days from the card statement date but if you require more time please request a quote for a longer period. We guarantee the posting of all tradelines on at least 2 of the 3 credit bureaus, If a line only posts to one bureau we will attempt to merge it on a 2nd bureau or add it to another card. Please understand that from time to time cards either get shut down or do not post, we ask that you be patient going into this and understand that the process could or may have a delay of a few days or even a couple of weeks. All tradelines post 7 days after the card statement date, our Tradeline Posting Desk will assist you in making sure that your lines post accordingly as long as we have a valid and active credit monitoring credentials on file. All sales are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.Credit lender’s decision is based on the credit history of an applicant. For availing credit services at the lowest possible rate of interest, the applicants should have a good credit score. Tradeline services are becoming useful in boosting credit scores. Authorized User Tradelines is the industry leader in piggybacking and boosting credit scores. In all cases, the credit score is a high priority. With Authorized User Tradelines services, it becomes easier to boost your credit score. It is a suitable source for personal and business credit files. Authorized Users LLC is here to help for individuals with Credit Problems. Services are dedicated to the clients for providing them an opportunity to boost their credit scores.

Credit Monitoring:

Please forward your credit monitoring credentials to the following email no later than 3 to 5 days after the statement closing date of your tradeline. Our tradeline posting desk will monitor your file and make sure that your tradeline posts in a timely manner. It’s important to ensure that you send the correct login credentials and that there is an active credit card on your account, so our team can properly refresh your report and pull your line on. Failure to do so will result in loss of time, don’t forget that all tradelines post 7 days after the statement date and the 30-day clock starts ticking then. Cost of refreshing credit report is the client’s responsibility and if you don’t agree with what they charge, please call the 800-number listed on their website, unfortunately, those fees are out of our control.

Email credit monitoring credentials to:

If you are not signed up with credit monitoring yet, please ask your sales associate for a list of the best sites to use.

Fraud Alerts:

It is important to remove any fraud alerts or security freezes that you have on any of the three credit bureaus before we add any tradelines. Failure to do so will result in the line not posting to that bureau and will delay the process.

Thank you for your business and support

Authorized Users


Robert Franklin

“Ran into some issues with one of my lines only posting to one bureau but they added another card which posted well. I just had to be patient and let them do their job. Great service”

Robert Franklin / Atlanta, GA
Cheryl Barnes

“Mike, Rod and his team ROCK!! Guarantee them 100% Thank you soooo much!!”

Cheryl Barnes / Chicago, IL
Will Jacobs

“My credit was garbage but George and Matt changed that, I now have a 780 FICO and am creditworthy again. I am impressed and thankful for your honesty and great service.”

Will Jacobs / Miami, FL