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Authorized User tradelines

What are Tradelines?

Credit tradelines are accounts that appear on your credit report, such as credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, student loans and a mortgage. They include details like the date the account was opened, current payment status and whether you’ve paid on time or been delinquent. Tradelines provide the data used to create and rank your Credit Score. Credit scores are designed to indicate how likely you are to repay loans and pay your bills, and lenders use them to decide whether to extend you credit and at what interest rate.

Why add Tradelines?

Having too few tradelines in your credit file can make you “unscorable” or mean you have a “thin credit file.” Either of those can get in the way of having a good credit score and obtaining credit. Having more than two tradelines gets you out of thin-file territory.

Let’s Boost Your Score!

To Boost your credit score, we attach Authorized User Tradelines to your credit file and report the activity to all three credit bureaus. Authorized User Tradelines will boost credit scores, decrease your debt to ratio owed, but most importantly add positive credit history to your credit file. This is done by adding you to a tradeline with a determined amount of age and credit limit as an Authorized User. The Authorized User method is also known as “Credit Piggybacking”.

Our complete tradeline inventory are CPN Friendly Tradelines and compatible with CPN Tradeline Packages and with CPN Packages

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Robert Franklin

“Ran into some issues with one of my lines only posting to one bureau but they added another card which posted well. I just had to be patient and let them do their job. Great service”

Robert Franklin / Atlanta, GA
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