What is a CPN?

Credit Profile Numbers also known as CPN or SCN are 9 digit numbers just like your ssn that are issued and assigned for you to use in place of your ssn when applying for credit. Process takes us only 3 hours to deliver & all numbers are skip traced to ensure that they are clean, Tri-Merged and registered with the three credit bureaus.

What can I use my Credit Profile Number on?

  1. Auto loans
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Personal Loans
  4. Hard Money Loans
  5. Business line of credit
  6. Bank Accounts
  7. Apartment & home Rentals
  8. Office Rentals
  9. Cell Phone
  10. Bank Accounts

How do I obtain a CPN?

To establish your CPN we will need your name, dob and an address you have never used before. The address is the most important thing because if we use your current home address you run the risk of your CPN merging with your original ssn file. Email, telephone and employment information is optional.

What’s the Turnaround

Process is fast and we have it back to you in 3 hours or less

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