CPN / Credit Profile Numbers

CPN Numbers or Credit Profile Numbers are a series of nine-digit numbers like your SSN and are assigned for you to use in place of your SSN when applying for new lines of credit.

We streamline the process of obtaining your new CPN Number so it is simple and headache-free. To Tri-Merge your CPN we will need your Name, Date of Birth, and an address that has never been linked to your personal credit profile. Please make sure that the address provided has never been reported on your credit report, otherwise, you risk both files merging. All CPN Numbers are Skip Traced, Tri-Merged, Validated, and registered with all three credit bureaus. We provide same-day delivery on all CPN orders. New phone numbers, email, and employment information can be added when we do the tri-merge, it’s optional and can be added anytime.

Don’t forget to check out our list of CPN Tradeline Packages and CPN tradelines. Our entire Authorized User Tradeline inventory are CPN Friendly Tradelines.