Will Paying a Charge Off Improve My Credit Score

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A charge-off is a devastating thing that can happen to the credit. First, it indicates a payment issue. This is a type of derogatory credit report listing that results from missing payments on a debt for some time between 120 days to 180 days. After this period, the lender closes the report and considers it as a collectible from any standpoint. Despite this, you will still have to make the payment. In such situations, most people look for authorized user tradelines to improve their credit score and take other measures like paying the charge off to see if it can work.

What happens if you pay a charge off?

You might expect to increase the credit score when you pay the charge off as you have cleared the past debt. But this is not easy. First, paying a charge off does not remove bad credit from the report. This is because clearing the past due does not raise the fact that your account has actually been charged off. Thus there cannot be any improvement in the credit score.
Over time the credit score can improve to some extent after the charge off payment. But you must continue paying all the accounts on time and take the necessary measures to handle your debt. In case you miss a payment again, or you get another charge off. Your credit score will drop even lower and will require additional time and measures like purchasing authorized user tradelines to improve the credit.

Benefits of paying charge off

Generally, people consider paying the charge off with a goal to receive an increase in their credit score. But some people who have an idea avoid this as there won’t be an increase in the credit.
It is vital to note that even though you won’t benefit from it, there is a good reason to pay the charge off. For instance, making a payment will make you look better when applying for credit. The creditors’ businesses or lenders are less likely to approve your application if they find any outstanding past due balance on credit, as this sends a message that you might not pay for the new accounts. Once you have cleared the charge off, you will get the application approved. Besides this, the charge of payment will also reduce the overall debt, which can offer a boost to your credit.

Take the right assistance.

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