Five tips to increase your credit score.

Five tips to increase your credit score

1. Keep all your bills paid on time, don’t be late because this is one of the many mistakes that can affect your credit.

2. Check your credit history information frequently, since it is very common that we overlook it and forget about it until the time we really need it and that is when we get the big surprise that, apart from being neglected, it is damaged.

3. Do not overlook errors.
If in the review you discover that there is erroneous information, contact one of the credit bureaus to solve it as soon as possible.

4. Open new accounts.
A new credit used wisely can be an extra help when you want to increase your credit.

5. Pay off every last 0 on your card, as this will help you save money on interest.

You may think that this is not so important and that you don’t have to be aware of it, but if you are a person who is responsible with your credit, who wants to have a good reputation in terms of finances, you should take this into account, since today, many micro and macro companies depend on a good credit reputation, many times their business depends on it.

Your credit history is like a letter of introduction that will show your financial responsibility, if you make your payments on time or not. It will also reflect your level of indebtedness, since you cannot exceed the payment limit, otherwise, in case that company is considering to consider you, when looking at your credit history, they would realize that you would not be able to comply.

And one of the things that most attracts their attention is to see the number of credit applications you have made and if these have been rejected.
The more you apply, the more your credit decreases and the less likely you are to be considered.

When talking about credit and scores, you should keep in mind that the more errors you have in your history, the more urgent it is to restore your credit and if this is your situation, do not think of visiting any company or bank to ask for any service, (you will waste your time, believe me) Unless, it is to request a credit report.
It is worth every penny you invest in both repairing your credit and increasing your Fico points. It doesn’t matter how bad your credit is, your level of indebtedness or unpaid delinquencies. What you should not do for any reason is to forget about your credit and try to remain anonymous. The longer you take to repair it, the worse it gets, and there will come a time when you will wish you had not made such a mistake.

The benefits of having a good credit, restored credit or high credit score are innumerable and I show you some of them; you can get personal loans, mortgages, car loans, financing. And the higher your credit score, the more benefits you will have, it is not enough to have points, the ideal is that these are high.

This credit score is the one that companies will use to see the solvency that you have and above all your ability to comply at the time you are going to apply for a loan or service. In a few words, your credit score in your history is what will show the creditor the guarantee that you will comply.
The benefits of having a high credit score are multiple, but these benefits become difficult to achieve and sometimes impossible if your credit score is low or very low.

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