Are Buying Tradelines An Effective Way To Boost Your Credit Score?

In today’s modern world, people want everything quickly, which leads to their high dependency on credit while making purchases and financial decisions. But the term “credit” is always counted on with one more term, “credit score,” that no one can ignore so easily. A credit score shows your creditworthiness, and it is the first thing a lender always checks before giving you credit or loan. The three-digit number of credit scores is an important thing to consider while applying for a loan.

Credit score, precisely, a good credit score offers you several benefits, ranging from low-interest rates to faster loan approvals, high credit limit approval to best-rewarding credit card limits access, saving you money on credits, and a lot more benefits. Because there are several benefits associated with good credit, people always urge to know how they can improve their credit score and enjoy these benefits.

Several studies show buying tradelines can help you boost your credit score. Is it true? Let’s find out in this blog post. But before we start, first know what the term “tradeline” is.

What is Tradeline?

The term tradeline refers to the account that appears on your credit report. It keeps a record of the creditor’s information that is used further for calculating his credit report. You can enjoy the benefits of someone’s positive credit history and boost your credit score by adding you as an authorized user (AI). Tradeline works excellent in case you want a quick improvement in credit score. All you have to do is add users with exceptional credit history as AU that provides data regarding payment history, the amount owed, and more. You can achieve your credit score goals with Authorized Users Tradeline, getting in touch with us.

Talking about the credit score places, then it is determined in 5 different grades by Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) –

– 720-850: Excellent
– 660-719: Good
– 620-659: Average
– 580-619: Below Average
– 350-579: Poor

Tip: if you want to achieve an excellent credit score in a month, i.e., between 720 & 850, then buy seasoned tradelines.

How Buying Tradelines Can Boost Your Credit Score?

Discover how buying tradelines can help you improve your credit score in the quickest possible manner. Below we have rounded up points that you should take a look onto-

Lengthy Credit History of a Credit Account:

Tradeline assists you connect to the account with an impressive lengthy history that can further benefit you in many ways.

Improved Credit Utilization:

Credit utilization shows the utilization of the credit amount from your total available credit. It is always advised to keep the credit utilization less than 30 percent, and tradelines can help you do this. Tradeline companies like Authorized Users Tradelines have several credit accounts with a good credit limit, and when it is added to your credit limit, it can help you improve your credit score.

Timely Payment History:

The on-time payments history is one of the most significant contributors to improve your credit score.

Alternative Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Besides tradelines (or CPN tradelines), there are several ways to boost your credit score. Below, we have listed all that you can try without even spending thousands of dollars for the desired result.

Ask Someone to Add You As An Authorized User

The first and easiest way to improve your credit score is to ask a trustworthy person to add you as an AU (Authorized User) on their credit card. Is it an easy way to achieve your credit score goals?

Apply for a Credit Builder Loan

When you apply for a credit builder loan, it will build your payment history and help you gain a good credit score.

Apply for a Secured Credit Card

Last on our list is the idea of applying for secured debit cards, which are specifically designed for people who have low or no credit scores. Pay off the card on time every month, and in return, the credit card issuer will upgrade you to an unsecured card after a while.


So, here we have gone through every single thing you need to know about tradeline and how it can help you improve your credit score. For more information, you can contact us.

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