A Guide on Buying Tradelines the Right Way

Buying a tradeline is not an easy job as it is directly connected with your credit and financial
well-being. But with the right authorized user tradelines, you can build credit and
strengthen your financial status. However, if you are buying a tradeline for the first time, you
might get a bit confused or overwhelmed as to how to buy the tradeline and what to expect
from them. So here is a guide designed specifically to help you answer the questions and
facilitate your authorized user tradeline buying process to make it as smooth as possible.

How to buy Authorized User Tradelines?

• Know your current credit profile

Getting an understanding of the credit file is the initial step to improve your credit. In case
you don’t know about your credit files and get an authorized user tradeline with no
knowledge, you could make a mistake that can hurt your credit more than before.
Before you go on to buy an authorized user tradeline, you should take a good look at your
credit profile to make sure everything is up to date and accurate. In case you find any
inaccurate information, immediately clean that up to avoid any disruptions. While if you need
any additional help, you should look into working with a reputable credit repair service in
addition to buying authorized user tradelines.
Evaluate your every credit account to know how it can affect you. Getting a clear picture of
your unique credit situation is the first step for choosing the smartest path to move ahead.

• Know your goals

Now when you know about your credit profile, question yourself, how can you improve
them, and what strategies will be a good investment of your time, money, and efforts?
In case your credit age is not old, you should try increasing the age of your oldest account
and average of your rest accounts by adding an authorized user tradeline that is aged
enough. Moreover, personalize your plans to fit them into your unique credit profile.

• Select tradelines suitable for your credit profile and goals

Choosing the right authorized user tradelines is definitely the trickiest part of all. You need
to keep in mind two variables while selecting tradelines- the age of your card and credit limit.
The sad part is that people often assume that they should get the highest credit limit.
However, in reality, this approach could hurt their credit because the tradeline’s age is much
more important.

To see that your credit age and utilization are in harmony, you have to calculate your average
age of accounts and the overall utilization ratio. Once done, try plugging in the information
from the tradeline you want to purchase to see if they are suitable for your needs and goals.
To get the maximum benefit from your authorized user tradelines, you need to check the
accounts’ average jumps to the next age level, at least.

• Order your tradeline from a reputed website

Once you are aware and have identified the best-authorized user tradelines for you, find a
reliable website to buy them. Then move your selected tradelines to the cart and check out.
To ensure that the process goes smoothly and your authorized user tradelines post just as
guaranteed by the website, you have to make sure that you have no credit freezes or fraud
alerts at any of the credit bureaus.
Therefore, you will have to add new tradelines and then buy them. Moreover, if you have any
fraud alerts, you have to contact each of the credit bureaus to have them removed before
purchasing your authorized user tradelines.

• Patiently wait for your tradelines to post

The last step is to sit back patiently. After you have received a confirmation email, all you
have to do is wait until your each tradelines reporting period has passed and then go forward
to check your credit report to verify if your tradelines have been posted.
Sometimes the banks and credit bureaus have some errors in the reporting, so there might be
a small chance of non-posting. However, if you find your tradelines have not been posted yet,
contact the website and ask them to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Authorized User LLC- The right place to buy Authorized User Tradelines

At Authorized User LLC, our experts are specialized in adding the right authorized user
tradelines to your credit report. Our tradelines will increase your credit stability, credit report,
and, most important of all, make you creditworthy. We are always available to help you with
your credit problems. All of our services are in favor of our clients to help them boost their
credit score.
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